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[the Vault]亞特蘭大專業賽資格賽預選(PPTQ)

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Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers Atlanta 2018
Date : 6/5/2018
Time : Registration 1130 Start 1200
Fee : HK$400.00 (Preregister and Paid brfore 22Apr get $20 off discount)
Format: Limited (Sealed with top 8 draft)
Venue: Factory Unit 12A on 5th Floor
Sing Win Factory Building
Nos. 15-17 Sing Yip Street, Kwun Tong
Prizes: Champion
Invitation to Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Atlanta 2018
Sponsorship Fee equals to HKD 100 X Numbers of players joining the event.
- Sponsorship will be paid only with presence of receipt of airticket and/or hotel.
- Name on the receipt must be identical with the prize winner
- If the Winner choose not to attend RPTQ, he may get equivalent store credits instead.
- The sponsorship will not be exchanged to cash in any circumstance.
- The Vault reserves the right of final decision.
The Finalist - 1 Box of DOM boosters
Top 4 - 18 packs of DOM boosters
Top 8 - 9 packs of DOM boosters
Top 16 - 4 packs of DOM boosters (only available in case of 32+ Player)
Other players - 2 packs of DOM boosters
* All boosters prize can be exchanged among standard legal sets. (while stock last)
For Enquiry, please call Tommy at 9187 4366
亞特蘭大專業賽 資格賽預選
日期: 6/5/2018
時間: 登記1130 開始1200
參賽費: HK$400.00
賽制: 限制 (現開+8強輪抽)
地點: 《The Vault》觀塘成業街15-17號成運工業大廈5樓12A室
獎品: 冠軍 等同參賽人數X100HKD的機票住宿補助
獲得亞特蘭大專業賽 區域資格賽 的參賽資格
- 獲獎者必須出示相關機票酒店的收據方可獲得補助
- 酒店的抬頭必須和獲獎者姓名相符
- 獲獎者如不參加RPTQ,獎品會改為等額店舖現金劵
- 任何情況下補助不會以獎金形式發放
- The Vault 保留一切最終決定權
亞軍 - 1盒補充包
四強 - 18 包DOM補充包
八強 - 9 包DOM補充包
十六強 - 4 包DOM補充包 (只限參賽人數超過32人時)
其他玩家 - 2包DOM補充包
所有補充包玩家可以改領標準環境補充包。 (視乎庫存)
如有任何疑問, 請致電 9187 4366(Tommy) 查詢

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