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[A Joy]EDH Weekly Event on Wed/Sat (Oct to Dec 2015)

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Every Wednesday 8PMEvery Saturday 3PM

Entry Fee: 50
Format: Commander, Multiplay (depends on no. of players)

Entry Reward: 2 JP

Time Limit: 120 mins

Rm 19 2/F Cheuk Ming Mansion, 57 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan 荃灣大河道57號卓明大廈2字樓19室

Game Rules:
3-4 Players in a pool- Circle
Players can "attack left," in which the only legal player to attack is the one sitting directly to that player's left. Any player may target any player, permanent, spell, or anything else in the game.Whenever any player was eliminated, the player who sit directly to that player's right win the game.
Winner +1 JP for each players in poolAll Player +1 JP
5 Players in a pool- Star
Involves exactly five players, Players sit in color wheel order randomly (White, Blue, Black, Red, Green) and try to defeat the two diametrically opposed "enemy" players. A player wins when both enemy colors are eliminated from the game and defeating your two enemy colors is known as the "victory condition." It is possible to have multiple winners — such as an allied victory, where two players have met the victory condition at the same time (Example: Blue and White share the win when Green and Black have already been eliminated and Red is the last player to be eliminated. In this example, White and Blue have both reached the victory condition simultaneously - thus an "allied victory")
For Each Enemy get killed +1 JP
Alive when game end (non-Time out) +2 JP

*JP= Joy Point
JP can use for redeem the prize
More detail:
http://www.tcgforum.org/forum.ph ... 7626&extra=page%3D1

*All Players will apply to A JOY EDH League

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